Forks Are Slutty Spoons

Forks are slutty spoons cause they open their legs alot.

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Anonymous asked: Favorite type of dog perhaps?

Probably either Dalmatian, Bulldog, Golden Retriever, or Wiener Dog :D

Anonymous asked: How do you feel on the American Education System hm?

Ugh it’s terrible, anxiety inducing, confusing and lack luster. It isn’t something I particularly agree with and probably won’t ever either. The teachers are paid minimum wage making them not care for the child’s education and more on the paycheck. Of we paid teachers like we paid out doctors our education would have more professionals and the teachers who went through years of college and training would feel better about teaching kids an actual subject. And don’t get me started on how we have to do 4 hours of homework after 8 hours of school, then do extracurricular, all the while getting eight hours of sleep with a healthy diet. It just irks me the expectations of the system while it’s failing terribly and giving kids depression and anxiety.

Anonymous asked: You deserve to be happy (:

Awwwww thank you little anon! I wanna pinch your cheeks ya cutie 😘 but of course I am getting happier and healthier so hopefully she is too and if she isn’t I’m willing to be there for her even if it’s not as a lover and as a friend instead because even before we were together we were great friends so I’m here for support and whatever she needs (even though right now I’m staying away from her to give her room to breathe lol)

Anonymous asked: Would you wanna get back together with her ever?

Haha of course! Just not anytime right now because I want us to start getting our grades up and focusing 100% on ourselves and be happy and get healthier and hopefully later on we can come back together again ☺️ (truthfully I didn’t think our break up would help me as much as it is but it’s making me focus on myself and helping me be happy again so if she wants to get back together in the future then we will be stronger :3)

Anonymous asked: Why did you and your girlfriend break up? ~It's cool if you don't wanna answer~

We broke up cause we lame like that. It’s complicated and I don’t wanna go into detail but it’s okay it was for the better little anon 😘

Anonymous asked: What do you think your earliest memory is?

Hmmm if I think about it then I guess my earliest memory is me when I was 4 waking up in my parents bed then going into the living room to play a puzzle with my babysitter who is my cousin.

Anonymous asked: Bo + Lauren= Doccubus (doctor hot pants and succubus)

Thank you :3

Anonymous asked: I completely luv your avatar did you draw it?!

Hahaha gosh no, my friend drew it after I begged her to make a drawing of me πŸ˜‚

Anonymous asked: You say you love music but what's your fav genre of music?

Probably either rock, punk, or indie. 😚